About Us

Rhea is a Singapore-based biopharmaceutical company


Comprised of an experienced team, we specialize in chemical molecule design, microbiology and virology research. With over 100 years of combined experience, we are focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of different molecules for anti-infective treatments. Hence, our company’s portfolio is mainly focused on the anti-infective market with various molecules in development for viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Meet the team

Prof. Yousef H. Babikian
Professor, Head of Scientists of Rhea Pharmaceutical Worldwide
Professor and Director, Rhea Pharmaceutical Armenia
Doctor of Biological Sciences (ScD)
Field: Molecular Biology
Laboratory Head
Rhea Pharmaceutical Sciences, Armenia
Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
Director of Research & Development Centre
Master of Science in Pharmacology
Yerevan State Medical University
Ph.D. in Biology
Institute of Molecular Biology
Preclinical Development
Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Philipps University Marburg, Germany